European BEST Engineering Competition

Teams of 4 students will compete against each other, in 2 disciplines: Team Design and Case Study. The winner of each category gets the chance to compete against 4 other winning teams in the regional round which this year will take place in Maribor (Slovenia) between the 17th and the20th of May 2019 (EBEC Alpe Adria) and can even proceed to EBEC final taking place in July in Torino (Italy).

Team Design:

In the Team Design competition participants are asked to use their “field-engineering” skills and problem-solving abilities in order to develop a functioning device capable of solving the presented problem. Team Design is one of the most appealing parts of any BEST engineering competition due to the high level of creativity involved in development of solutions, paired to the physical realization of the prototype.

Case Study:

During the Case Study competition students are given a real problem and they will have to use their multidisciplinary knowledge, together with a lot of creativity, to propose a solution, according to the guidelines that they will receive in the beginning. This competition involves a lot of team building, creativity and communication skills.

When and what?

Team Design: Monday, 08.04.2019

Case Study: Wednesday, 10.04.2019


Study Area of Stremayrgasse 16 (Neue Technik)

What you get:

A task, some materials, a deadline, and a lot of coffee 🙂

What we expect:

A solution

What can you win:

Prizes for the first three teams in each competition, sponsored by our partners

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate any longer and apply now!